Our Team

  • Pastor Daniel Cramer

    Lead PASTOR

    Pastor Dan Cramer grew up in Pittsburgh before attending bible college to pursue the Lord's call to ministry in his life. He traveled to Scotland for an intensive with YWAM (Youth With a Mission) called Summer of Service, where he met his wife, Charlene. 

    They stayed in Great Britain to plant their first Church in Scotland and, eventually, a second church in England. Coming back to Pittsburgh in 1985, Dan and Charlene now pastor their third church, Zion Christian Church in Carrick. Zion was launched on Christmas Eve of 1991 at the Howard Johnson's Hotel .and has been a beacon of light in the greater Pittsburgh area. 

  • Charlene Cramer

    Women's & Prayer Pastor

    Charlene was called to ministry as a teenager, when God gave her a vision of herself in a boat on a stormy sea, leaving lights along the coastline to help guide people to safety. Charlene and her husband, Dan, have left "three lights" during their time in ministry: they've established three churches in three different countries and have helped others to establish even more.

    Charlene leads the Women's Ministry and Prayer Ministry at Zion Christian Church in Pittsburgh. She's a talented Bible teacher, a comforting counselor, and a strong prayer leader. She has a sympathetic heart for the hurting and is an encourager to many.

  • Ed Freidenberger

    Worship leader

    Ed Freidenberger has a sense of the holy presence of God and leads our church in worship every Sunday. Ed was voted Pittsburgh's Best Pianist twice and is passionate about guiding others into a personal connection with the Lord.

  • Pastor Tom Duke

    Bible Study Teacher

    Pastor Tom Duke leads the Wednesday night Bible study and often instructs and encourages the congregation on Sundays with a sermon. You can usually find him greeting everyone with a smile at the beginning of service.