Sunday mornings

Worship is connecting with god

In a Christian climate where less and less time is spent in actual worship, we take time to connect with God.  The most common comments we hear about our worship is:

1.  The musicianship is amazing.

2.  The worship is unusually intimate with God.
3.  I am leaving here really refreshed.

Worship is meant to be an amazing interaction with God.  Sometimes we wait on the Holy Spirit and His Gifts come forth through faithful, trusted, and proven people in the Congregation.  Sometimes the whole Congregation breaks forth in spontaneous song to the King of kings.  Sometimes we enjoy the expression of praise that the musicians or singers give to the Lord in their spontaneous solos.   Genuine worship is a high priority to us.

Are you thirsty for more of God?  Connect with Him in our worship.

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connecting with children and youth

We have an unbelievably talented and dedicated Staff who disciple the next generation on a weekly basis during part of the Sunday Worship Service.   Teens and down have four age appropriate classes where they connect with great enthusiasm. 

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connecting with each other - hospitality

Our hospitality team makes it possible to get to know one another after worship is finished.   Our dedicated volunteers provide a great selection of hot and cold foods in our Common Room where people can stay, eat, and connect on an informal basis.  Friendships are formed and deepened.

connecting with the nations

We have a very talented and dedicated ESL (English as a Second Language) team who work with adults from the Nepali and Hispanic community during our Sunday service.  Our curriculum helps them learn the Bible as the they learn English.  This awesome team also teaches the Civics lessons the adults will need to know to pass the test to become citizens of the USA.

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First Time at Zion?

We know that attending a church service for the first time can be a super scary thing... Being unsure of what the dress,culture or even when to stand up and sit down can be a weirdly paralyzing thought! At Zion Christian Church, you can expect friendly and authentic people, engaging and relevant music and worship, compelling preaching from the Bible, and an opportunity to encounter God. You will be encouraged and maybe even challenged.  You will find our people friendly, and you will experience the Love of God.