Sunday Worship on video

Worship is extremely important to us!   Listed below are links to the one hour versions of our Worship Services recorded for television and uploaded to YouTube.   We hope these worship encounters inspire you to walk more closely with Jesus.   

You can access many more videos by searching YouTube for

"Zion Christian Church Pittsburgh 2019" (in quotation marks) or " Pittsburgh 2019"  (in quotation marks).

The entire Sunday message can be viewed on video on the Sunday Message on Video link.  

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  • Sunday, sept. 1, 2019

    Happy to have Lou Schreiber back in worship today!  Join us for a powerful and insightful message as things begin to get better in the life of Joseph!

  • Sunday, August 26, 2019

    This morning's Worship Service features two of our Church Elders sharing their thoughts about people and the Bible!   They did a great job!  Enjoy the worship and message!!!!  

  • Sunday  Aug 11, 2019

    When Life Goes the Wrong Way -  Joseph Part 2

  • Sunday August 4, 2019

    Dr. Ray Self Ministering at Zion

  • Sunday, July 7, 2019

    Here is a one hour version of our Worship Service from July 7, 2019.  The message is called "The Valley of Weeping".  May God touch your life through this powerful Service!

  • june 2, 2019

    How does God forgive?  In this one hour version of our Worship Service Pastor Dan explains how thorough God's forgiveness is!   He has cast our sins into the depths of the Sea.  What does that mean?   You are about to find out!

  • memorial day weekend 2019

    Laying down our lives!   This is the theme of our Memorial Day weekend Worship Service here in 2019!  We trust you connect with God in a powerful way through this video recording! 

  • sunday  march 10, 2019

  • sunday  February 10, 2019

  • Sunday Message - this Cup - October 7, 2018