Sunday message on video

This section provides links to the complete Sunday Sermons that have been uploaded to YouTube.  We hope these messages inspire you to live more completely for Jesus.   The videos of our Sunday Worship Services can be found on the 'Sunday Worship on Video Page".

  • Behold Your King!  Palm Sunday   3.28.2021

    This is the first in a series of three messages centered around Passion Week in the life of Christ. The series is called "Beholding Him". This message is about Palm Sunday - Behold Your King! Pastor Dan Cramer explains the background to Palm Sunday as well as the meaning it holds in our worship Service at Zion Christian Church Pittsburgh on Sunday, March 28, 2021.

  • Wilderness Survival 101   3.21.2021

    Ever feel like you are in a wilderness? Pastor Dan Cramer speaks on knowing God's ways in the wilderness at Zion Christian Church Pittsburgh on Sunday, March 21, 2021.

  • Facing Your Doubts     3.7.2021

    This is Pastor Dan Cramer's powerful, thought provoking message at Zion Christian Church Pittsburgh on Facing Your Doubts. Doubt is the doorway to either faith of unbelief. We all face doubts. Even such a luminary as John the Baptist faced doubt. Learn some keys facing your doubts and choosing faith. Your life will be better!

  • Abi Crane's Powerful Testimony    2.28.2021

    Here is the video of Abi Crane's powerful outreach testimony on her recent Mission's trip to Colombia. Enjoy this amazing report of what God accomplished during a global pandemic! Thanking God!

  • The Greatest is love   2.14.2021

    This is an exposition of 1 Corinthians 13 by Pastor Dan Cramer at Zion Christian Church Pittsburgh on Valentine's Day, February 14, 2021. Learn and grow to walk in love as the Bible describes it. This challenging and comforting message will guide you in the right direction in managing relationships and conflicts with others.

  • Christ's Blood Speaks    2.07.2021

    Here is a reverent Communion message by Pastor Dan Cramer at Zion Christian Church on February 7, 2021. Feed you faith and your love for the Savior as we reflect on what Christ's sacrifice speaks.

  • When You Pass through the waters

    We all go through difficult times. This message by Pastor Dan Cramer at Zion Christian Church Pittsburgh on Sunday, January 31, 2021 reassures us of God's Promise that He will be with us and bring us out into a better place. Inspire your faith as you receive from God's Word.

  • Why do we sit here until we die   

    January 17, 2021

    These are days and times when it is easy to sit home and drift along in life. God calls us to something higher! Here is Pastor Dan Cramer's message about the four lepers in the days of Elisha who decided to get up and do something! As they did, they found God had already won a great victory. Be encouraged to take action in these days and times.

  • who is this Jesus?    December 27.2020

    This is Tom Grden's wonderful message titled, "Who Is This Jesus?". Tom gave this message at Zion Christian Church on Sunday, December 20,2020. Tom does a wonderful job portraying Jesus as the Savior we need! Enjoy!

  • born  a king!    December 20, 2020

    This is Pastor Dan Cramer's message at Zion Christian Church Pittsburgh on a well loved passage from the Bible. The wise men asked, "Where is He who is born King of the Jews?" Do you understand what they were saying? No one else in human history was born a King! They may have been born a Prince, but never a King at birth! But Jesus, this holy child, God incarnate, had deity in the core of who he was. He was born a king! Although He did not access his privileges as Deity during His earthly life, in Him the fullness of the Godhead dwelt in bodily form. Adore, reverence, and fully serve Him!

  • the glory of the lord shone around them  December 13, 2020

    Join us for this Bible teaching that is rich in meaning about the events leading to Christ's birth! Draw close to Jesus with reverence for Who He is! Pastor Dan Cramer's message at Zion Christian Church Pittsburgh will help you appreciate the intricacy of the Incarnation.

  • The 'genesis' of Jesus - December 06, 2020

    Here is Pastor Dan Cramer's message on the birth of Christ based on Matthew's Gospel. This week's Christmas-themed message looks at the challenges Mary's miraculous pregnancy presented to Joseph, with some thoughts about what it must have been like for Mary's parents. Enjoy a worshipful and refreshing look at the birth of Christ!

  • For Nothing shall be impossible with God  11.29.2020

    Enjoy a refreshing look at the angel's announcement to Mary that the Messiah would be miraculously conceived in her womb by the overshadowing of the power of God.  This message will bring freedom, and a hunger for God's presence. 

  • Reviving your first love  - 11.15.2020

    This powerful message by Pastor Dan Cramer is about a wholehearted return to wholehearted love for Christ. The Church at Ephesus could discern falsehood, and they were active. But they lost their first love along the way. Interesting thought here. When you lose something, like your glasses or phone, you don't know it right away. At a later time you realize it is lost. It is the same with our love for God. We only realize what we have lost long after we lost it. This message explains how to revive the first love of our experience with Christ.

  • The Sun Stood Still - AUGUST 23, 2020

    Pastor Tom Duke's excellent message on the sun standing still - and much more!  Be blessed!

  • Good Friday   April 10, 2020

    The New Covenant in my blood.  What an amazing revelation Jesus gave about the Cup at the Passover meal.  Join for a reverent journey understanding how these themes merge beautifully at the Last Supper.