Sunday message on video

This section provides links to the complete Sunday Sermons that have been uploaded to YouTube.  We hope these messages inspire you to live more completely for Jesus.   The videos of our Sunday Worship Services can be found on the 'Sunday Worship on Video Page".

  • Mother's Day  - 5.10.2020

    One of the special Services each year is our Mother's Day Service.  Join this year's celebration!  

  • The Apostle Paul Had a stay at home order - Part 2.   Sunday 4.26.2020

    Part 2 of Pastor Dan's series on what the Apostle Paul did during his two year 'Stay at home" order.  Going through the amazing Book of Philippians verse by verse.

  • The Apostle Paul had a stay at home order

    Sunday 4.19.2020

    Wondering what to do during the quarantine?  Let's see what the Apostle Paul did during his two year 'stay at home'  order!  

  • Good Friday   April 10, 2020

    The New Covenant in my blood.  What an amazing revelation Jesus gave about the Cup at the Passover meal.  Join for a reverent journey understanding how these themes merge beautifully at the Last Supper.   

  • Palm Sunday  April 5, 2020

    Palm Sunday!  A day of celebration that Jesus is finally receiving the praise the is due Him.  That is what we think about.  Jesus was primarily thinking about something else.  As he entered the Eastern Gate the Passover lambs were entering the Sheep Gate.  He was about to accomplish all that had been written.   

  • Say to those with anxious hearts - 3.22.2020

    The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.  This powerful message on keeping God in the center will help you to that!

  • The Meaning of Worship - Feb 9, 2020

    Wonderful message on Worship by a team of three from our Congregation.  Enjoy and grow!

    • Giving & Generosity

    Sharon Alberts gave an awesome and liberating message on Giving & Generosity!   Enjoy and Grow!

  • As He spoke by the mouths of his holy prophets  - December 23, 2019

    Here is a powerful message on how the Incarnation and life of Christ were foretold in Old Testament over thousands of years before His birth.  Marvel at the details of God's plan.

  • The exact truth in consecutive order - Dec 15, 2019

    We continue Pastor Dan's series on the Nativity story in the Gospel of Luke.   Be inspired to love and serve Him more!

  • zacharias & Elizabeth in the Christmas Story  12.08.2019

    This video highlights an important part of the Christmas Narrative that there are no songs written about and you never see on Christmas cards.  The Bible, however, places great importance on this event - the birth of John the Baptist.  Pastor Dan helps us understand why.

  • you meant it it for evil, God meant it for good

    Here is the complete sermon by Pastor Dan Cramer from Sunday, September 15, 2019.  "You meant it for evil, but God meant it for good".  Get God's perspective on the people and situations that have brought pain into your life!  Be built up in your faith, and heal.