Against hope abraham believed

Does it ever seem like the Promises of God seem to mock us?   So often He promises us things that just seem to highlight our weaknesses and inabilities.  Abram and Sarai were well past child bearing years when God promised them children.  For decades they had tried unsuccessfully to have children.   It took decades more before the answer came in Isaac.  Abram saw the answer to God's Promise.  How did he do it?   We will be answering that question in our next few Sunday Services!   Join us!  There is a specific thing that changed him into a believer and receiver.  If you understand it, it will also change you.   Pass from frustration to answers!   

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Our Elevator has come!

We are so excited to have an elevator working from the Madeline Street entrance of the building to the Sanctuary entrance!   It has been a long time coming!   Now we have easy access to the Sanctuary for everyone!  Wow!