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What are we all about?

We are a group of Christian people who are changing the world.  We love God's Presence, and value knowing He is here.   So we worship and try hard to live right.  We are working to bring the life-changing message of forgiveness for sins and salvation in Jesus Christ to all who will listen around us.  We have a dedicated and courageous group of volunteers who feed the hungry, visit prisoners in prison, serve the Church family in a multitude of ways, and happily help the Nepali Refugee Community around us.  We enjoy connecting, and we enjoy what we do. 

We really, really enjoy being with the One Who we ultimately do it for - Jesus!

We would also really enjoy you being part of it by connecting with us!

Our Pastor

Pastor Dan Cramer is a man who is known for his smile, his love for Jesus, his love for others, his balanced teaching and approach to ministry, his kindness, and his integrity. 

Known as a very good Bible teacher, he is a Spirit filled man with 40 years in the ministry.   You can access some of his sermons through our audio section under our Media Section.

Called to the ministry as a teen when the Holy Spirit came as a mighty wind and woke him from sleep, he still carries the cry for revival in his heart and thoughts.

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Our Worship Leader

Ed Friedenberger is a gifted worship leader and tremendous musician.   Ed has a wonderful ability to bring people into the presence of God and encounter Him in worship.   The main comments we hear from people about our worship is that the musicianship is tremendous and our  worship itself is unusually intimate and inspiring.   Join us and our singers and musicians to experience our worship.   You will leave filled! 

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