Connecting in outreach

There are many ways for people to connect to change the world at Zion Christian Church.  

Here is a list of the main opportunities to connect and be history makers.

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  • Carrick Food pantry

    Our Food Pantry is the largest food pantry in Pittsburgh.  On the third Saturday morning of each month our amazing volunteers serve over 200 households a generous supply of nutritious food.  This a herculean effort by our volunteers and huge help to those in need.

  • Prison ministry

    The third Sunday evening of each month sees our volunteers connecting to bring the Gospel to the prisoners in the New County Jail.  This is a wonderful way to connect in outreach.

  • Bhutanese refugee outreach

    We have been thankful for the opportunity to gather around, help, and be-friend the Refugees from Bhutan and Nepal  who have settled all around in our Community.   This has opened the doors to a local Mission to the farthest part of the world.  The refugees are primarily Hindu's.  We connect in bringing furniture, Gospel presentations, furniture, food, friendship, and more.  This refugee community has become a big part of our lives.  

    Weekly Partners in this outreach include: Heaven's Family, International Teams, &  YWAM.

    Other vital partnerships include: New Community Church in Wexford, Global Reach Network, SEAPC, and the Mission's Dept. of CCOP.    

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  • English as a second language & citizenship classes

    We are happy to connect in helping the Nepali and Hispanic Communities learn English better twice a week in our ESL Classes,  These classes are held Sunday Mornings at 10:00 am and Wednesday evenings at 5:00 pm.  

  • Furniture Donations

    We accept 'gently used' furniture to place in the homes of the Refugee Community around us.  It starts with a digital picture from you of good furniture from a non-smoking home. We show the picture to families needing furniture. When a family says they want the furniture in the picture, you deliver it right to the home and change lives!