Sunday message on video

This section provides links to the complete Sunday Sermons that have been uploaded to YouTube.  We hope these messages inspire you to live more completely for Jesus.   The videos of our Sunday Worship Services can be found on the 'Sunday Worship on Video Page".

  • Rediscovering the cross

    A very important message on the life changing power of the Cross.  Christ did it all for us.  Have your life changed today!  Message from Sunday, June 10, 2018.  

  • The Most important week in history - part 1

    4,000 years of prophecy preceded the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday through His Resurrection on Easter.  This is part 1 explaining why this week was the most important week in the History of the World.

  • The Most important week in history - part 2

    This Good Friday message highlights Christ as the Passover Lamb.  Join us for a rich Bible Study that explores a primary Old Testament picture of Jesus - and worship!  

  • the most important week in history - part 3

    This is the Resurrection Sermon by Pastor Dan Cramer on Easter  of 2018!   Live in the Victory that Jesus won!  Experience the Resurrection power of the Lord Jesus Christ!