New Seasons!

While it is hard to believe here in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - it is a new Season!   It still looks like winter, but Spring has arrived.   The reality is that fundamental changes have taken place in the relationship between the earth and the sun.  Good weather is inevitable!   It seems like that happens in our relationship with God too.   It is a new season with a huge, positive, change in the Spiritual realm - better times are inevitable!   Wait out the change in spiritual temperature and enjoy the refreshing change from Winter to Spring! We are celebrate God's Redeeming Grace in Church, and We love Carrick ~ and beyond!  Join the celebrations on Sunday mornings at 10:00 am!

Our Elevator has come!

We are so excited to have an elevator working from the Madeline Street entrance of the building to the Sanctuary entrance!   It has been a long time coming!   Now we have easy access to the Sanctuary for everyone!  Wow!