Ample on-street parking and the use of Parking lots owned by local businesses are available within one or two blocks of the church!  Zion sits at the intersections of Brownsville Road and Hornaday Road on one side, and Brownsville Road and Madeline street on the other side.

On-Street Parking is available on each of the three streets Zion faces; including Brownsville Road, Hornaday Road, and Madeline Street.  If you drive down Madeline Street from its intersection with Brownsville Road and take the first right hand turn onto Hazeldell, there is ample on-street parking also available there.  If you continue past the Church on Brownsville Road away from Pittsburgh and take the first right turn onto West Woodford, there is additional on-street parking there.

Local Business Parking.  Lots have been made available to us by businesses that are closed on Sundays on both sides of the Church on Brownsville Road, as well as the vast parking area located behind the Carrick Shops one long block away from Pittsburgh on the right hand side of Brownsville Road.

For Parking Behind the Carrick Shops: 

If you do not find other parking available, travel from the Church away from Pittsburgh on Brownsville Road towards Brentwood for one tenth of one mile.  Turn right into the Carrick Shops parking lot at the entrance there, and follow the driveway a very short distance to the lighted parking area behind the shops.  Park there, and the church is a little more than a block away.

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