Children’s & Youth Ministry

Sundays and Wednesdays at Zion for Children and Youth


Our Children’s and our Elementary Aged Ministry at Zion is called “Power Up”. There are weekly Sunday morning classes for Preschool, Elementary School, and Middle School aged children and Youth.  The children are eager to arrive, and enjoying going upstairs to the Sunday School area at the start of the Service.  They enjoy a tremendous time together with some worship, a video segment, activity or craft, snack, and most importantly, a Bible lesson geared to Christian living in this generation. We use a wonderful Christian Curriculum that is simply called “Orange”. Parents receive information each week about the lesson and are given some points to talk about with their children at home about the Christian life and how the Bible applies. The Children’s, Youth Ministry, and the Cry Room areas are reached by taking the steps upstairs at the back of the Madeline Street entryway into the Sanctuary. Dennis Streno is the Team Leader for the Elementary Aged Children, and he does a really awesome job.  Patti Grden leads the Middle and High School aged Youth classes,a nd she also does a great job.

Our teenage ministry for High School and Middle School takes place from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm at the Oasis Coffee Center, 1912 Brownsville Road.   This ministry is led in partnership with the awesome and amazing Staff of YWAM Pittsburgh.

Awesome Dance Teams

We now also have various Worship Dance Teams of Elementary and Middle School children led by Janet McCauley, a Professional Dance instructor for many years.  The teams are currently working on worship dances to minister as the offertory on various Sunday mornings.

DSCN5562Zion has a well equipped Cry Room, available each week to supervise the littlest ones. There is a live Audio Feed in the Nursery from the Sanctuary, so parents can take little ones who are fussy there and still enjoy the Service while they settle their little one down. There are lots of toys, cots, and a changing table. Like the Sunday School, the Nursery is reached by ascending the stairs on the landing of the Madeline Street entryway into the Sanctuary.


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