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Preparing the Way of the Lord!

Have you ever had that sense that God was up to something new and exciting?  So often we limit the Lord when we do not prepare for changes He wants to bring into our lives.There are times we need to evaluate our lives and circumstances and position ourselves to receive the good changes He wants to bring into our lives.  Our theme this Sunday is hPrepareow we can respond to God and position ourselves for His good future.  Come along and grow with us!  Learn to Prepare!



Handling Contention

Contention: “A clash between people owing to a difference in opinions, perspectives, personal agendas, or perceived or real hostile actions”.  This Sunday morning our message will address the theme of “Handling Contention”.  The Bible says a whole lot about how we should conduct ourselves when we find ourselves in contention.   Do you know it is more important to be right with God than to prove we are right to others?  Pick up a pencil and take some notes!  This will be practical and spiritual help for you.

Father’s Day Musing

Father’s Day

This morning is Father’s Day.  For me personally, it is the first Father’s Day that my own Dad will not be present.  As is also true with many of you, my Dad is now with the Lord, having left this life on April 1st of this year.  I guess this gives me a different approach to Father’s Day this year.  I thank God for the wonderful legacy both my Father and Mother gave to all of us children and to so many others.  No two fathers parent exactly the same way.  Each has their own unique approach, strengths and weaknesses. Kind of like we do.  This Father’s Day, take some time to appreciate the strengths of the way your Dad parented.  All Dads have so much to overcome that life has thrown their way.  Today, let’s give honor where honor is due.  If your Dad is still living, why not contact him today?  He may not have been perfect, but he surely has strengths you can honor and appreciate.

Father's Day

This Week in Zion!

We had an amazing time with Mark Bolton last Sunday, and we are surely looking forward to another great time in God’s Presence this Sunday. Below you will find the weekly highlights from this week’s bulletin.  Blessings!

Leadership Team Dinner Friday at the Parsonage

We want to invite all the Senior leaders and the Board (and spouses) to the Parsonage on Friday, June 19th at 6:30 pm for a dinner and a great time together.   We are asking all of this leadership group to set the time aside to meet together and catch up with some important things.  RSVP Required.  While this get together is for team leaders, we do genuinely appreciate the efforts of everyone in the Body.  Thanks!


Ministry Development Class Update

I am so thankful we are experiencing a real enthusiasm about our  Ministry Development Classes.  We are taking an honest, hands on approach to understanding principles involved in sustainable ministry.  Those interested in learning about ministry as well as those currently involved in the ministry here should make it a priority to attend these classes.  Let’s Grow Together!

 Women’s Ministry

Due to vacation schedules, the next Women’s Meeting will be held on Monday, June 22 at 7:00 pm in the Sanctuary.    The Prayer Meeting normally held that evening will be cancelled, as will all activities on Monday, June 29.  Jackie Hornick will be sharing on “Receiving God’s Glory” at the Women’s Meeting. 


Father’s Day Next Sunday

Next Sunday is Father’s Day, and we looking forward to opportunity to strengthen the hands of the Dads and men in our Congregation.  However old our children are, and wherever they may live; may God give us the strength to be to best Dad’s we can be!


Today’s Message

This morning we will be considering some thoughts about moving towards our good future as a Church.  At the end of March our Board met together after a few weeks of prayer and fasting.  We had set some time aside to pray and discern God’s strategy for a plan to improve things at Zion, and to see the next generation prepared to flourish in the Gospel.  Today I will be sharing some of the outcomes of that Prayer and Planning time and where we are heading. 


Psalm 143:8 – Show me the way I should go, for to you I entrust my life.


VBS this Summer

Some people have been wondering about our plans for VBS this Summer.  I am happy to say that we have a plan in place to hold a joint VBS with YWAM Pittsburgh here in our building at the end of July.   We will be putting the week together soon.  If you would like to be involved in this VBS, please let us know as soon as possible.  Background clearances are required.  We will be holding some meetings regarding our plans for this soon.  


Speaking of Children’s Ministry … Ever want to be a Missionary?

We will be holding a meeting for teachers and helpers immediately after worship today in the main Classroom upstairs.  The Children’s Discipleship team needs some volunteers to step forward to help with this ministry.  The children’s ministry is growing, and the volunteer base is contracting to where burn out and under staffing  is a serious concern.  Please see Dennis if you are willing to learn more about this. 

Next Up:

Sunday, Sunday School Meeting in Dennis’ Classroom

Monday, 7:00 pm Prayer Meeting

Wednesday, 7:00 pm Worship & Bible Study

Youth Group @ the Oasis 6:00 – 8:00 pm

Friday, 6:30 pm – Leader’s Dinner @ the Parsonage

Friday & Saturday – Food Pantry Set Up & Distribution

Next Sunday – Father’s Day

God bless you!  Thanks for your love and commitment!  Together we see the Lord’s power and breakthroughs!

In Him

Pastor Dan

Guest Speaker June 7th

Welcome Pastor Mark Bolton

We are so thankful to welcome Pastor Mark Bolton from New Community Church in Wexford to speak here on Sunday, June 7th.  Mark is the Pastor of New Community Church.  This is the Church that blessed us with their Compassion Day several weeks ago.  We are grateful this morning to have the opportunity to thank him and those who may be here with him who helped lead the various teams.  They did an amazing amount of work for us and strengthened us!

What Must We Do?

This Sunday morning we will be continuing to look at some of the life changing truths that we learn from the story of Pentecost.   The account of Pentecost as recorded in Acts brings together a variety of themes.  Among these themes there is the Crucifixion, the Resurrection, the Ascension, the Power of the Holy Spirit, our personal guilt, and the all important “What must we do” in light of those truths.  Wonderful and life changing principles!

Tunch Ilkin Speaking

We want to welcome former Steeler’s star lineman Tunch Ilkin to share his story on Tuesday, March 3rd at 7:00 pm here in Zion’s Sanctuary.  Well loved in Pittsburgh as a former Steeler and currently as a Christian leader and Steeler’s Commentator; Tunch has a truly amazing story to tell.   Join us for an unforgettable and life changing evening!  See the Parking information on the website.  Tunch

Christmas Stress?

I think we all know deep down inside that the frantic pace of Christmas has gotten out of control!  I guess the first Christmas in its own way had a lot of stress too.  Mary, being pregnant Wise Menwith her miracle child, was traveling across the land on the back of a donkey, hoping to get to Bethlehem before her time came to give birth.  They could find no room in the Inn due to the bustling crowd that had come to Bethlehem, and settled into the cave where the animals were sheltered to stay and to give birth.  Stress.  Less than ideal circumstances.  However, Jesus was worshipped.  Keep the worship of Jesus strong in your heart; no matter what the stresses might be!   Join us Sundays at 10:00 am!

World Changers!

All of want to make a difference for Christ in the world around us.  In Sunday morning’s Message we will be looking at some verses in the Book of Acts that refer to the way the early church were used by God as world changers.  Maybe it is time for us to rediscover some of the principles and reasons the early church was referred to as ‘those who turned the world upside down’.  Of course, they actually were empowered by God to turn it right side up!  You are a potential World Changer!

World Changers

Renewed & Rebuilt

When we walk with the Lord for an extended time we can easily fall into the “Worn Parts” syndrome. That is when the process of ‘normal wear and tear’ has the effect of

reneweddereasing our contact with things that are important for us to have good contact with. That list can include prayer, Bible Reading, prompt & regular Church attendance, giving our finances, contact with other

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believers outside or during Church events, and even the level of our love for Jesus. God’s answer is for us to make a decision to become renewed and to place ourselves in humility in a position where it can happen – turning from pursuing our interests and putting God’s interests first. Renewal – it will happen if we are serious enough to get lost in God’s Presence, to change and renew contact where we should.

Psalm 51:10

10 Create in me a clean heart, O God, And renew a steadfast spirit within me.

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